Walla Walla River Irrigation District

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The Walla Walla River Irrigation District serves approximately 3,500 acres. The District is divided into 5 sub-districts. Each sub-district elects a Board member to represent their interests. The Board of Directors are the governing body of the District.

The Board of Directors of the Walla Walla River Irrigation District are:

  • Ron Brown - Board President
  • Alan Davis - Board Secretary
  • Dennis Burks - Board Treasurer
  • Tracy Larson - Director
  • Sean Roloff - Director

The Board of Directors is responsible for hiring a Manager to conduct the business and day-to-day operations of the District. The District Manager is Teresa Kilmer.

The Manager is responsible for hiring the necessary personnel to assist in conducting the day-to-day business of the District in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. The District’s Administrative Assistant is Lisa Hinton.

Additional personnel are added on a seasonal basis to assist with ditch maintenance activities.


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