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The Walla Walla River Irrigation District was formed for the purpose of delivering irrigation water from the Walla Walla River to landowners residing within the District's boundaries and possessing a valid Oregon water right. The Little Walla Walla River has been the primary conveyance system for the majority of the water delivered by the WWRID since the late 1800s.

The Walla Walla River Irrigation District has a responsibility under Oregon water law (chapter 545) to operate and maintain the ditches within their District boundaries. Ditch maintenance activities include occasional herbicide application, burning and mechanically cleaning of the ditches.

The Umatilla County Weed Department has notified the District of the presence of a noxious weed along the Little Walla Walla River conveyance system. The Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus) is an invasive species of iris that thrives along ditch banks. The Yellow Flag Iris can cause gastroenteritis in livestock and humans and can cause skin irritation in humans. If you have yellow flag iris along the ditch bank on your property, please notify the District.

The Walla Walla River Irrigation District conducts ditch burning and mechanical cleaning activities during the early spring and late fall of each year. Please keep the District’s easement area along the ditch clear of any personal property. The District accepts no liability for damages to personal property that is located in the District’s ditch easement during routine maintenance activities. Also, if the ditch is fenced through your property, please contact the District office at your earliest convenience so that we can make arrangements for accessing our maintenance easement. If the District is not allowed access to our maintenance easement, the landowner is expected to maintain the ditch through their property at their own expense.

Contractors and District personnel are expected to be as conscientious as possible while performing ditch maintenance activities. If you have a complaint or a suggestion, you may contact the District Manager by calling 541-938-0144. If you have an emergency related to ditch burning or flooding, please call 509-386-4024.


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